LEE GUO Financial Aid Programme

We believe that education should be universally accessible.  Our financial aid programme aspires to assist deserving language learners in developing and nurturing their talents in order to achieve great success in life.

Set up in remembrance of Datuk Eric Chong’s late father-in-law Mr. Lee Guo, the Lee Guo Financial Aid Programme has been established to aid students who show a determination to excel in English but lack the financial ability to study this essential discipline.

>>>Please contact Erican centre for more details.

Terms & Conditions:

a) Only B40 families are eligible to apply.

b) All applications are subject to approval by Erican.

c) I agree to represent Erican as an Erican Ambassador to help promote Erican as and when required.

d) I agree to allow images of myself to be used for future promotional events or on social media.

e) I understand that this financial aid shall cease the moment I discontinue my studies at Erican.

f) Erican reserves the right to discontinue this financial aid should my attendance rating for the Erican programme fall below 80%.